Residential and commercial properties in Frankfurt and the surrounding area

Below you will find a selection of residential and commercial properties in various locations in Frankfurt. Many of our clients regard such properties as a basic investment or as a property development that will be sold on later at a profit. When for example you invest in a villa, you are not primarily looking at its aesthetic value, you will oftentimes be thinking of its location, prime resale value and what kind of profit can be made from it. We are here to help you.

Sale of residential and commercial propertis, residential apartment buildings and private flats / apartments in the Rhein-Main area with an emphasis on Frankfurt & Wiesbaden

Investing in real estate is a matter of trust and this has to be earned. The satisfaction among our clients is a clear demonstration that we warrent that trust. All this through expertise, diligence, market knowledge and objective guidance.

in everything we do, we constanly endeavour to model our services for those clients aiming to acquire properties as well as those owning them on as satisfying and successful an approch as possible. On our website you will gain an impression of our daily work. Here we present you with first-rate properties available according to our clients' brief. Discerning clients will find exclusive residential properties and real estate within the Rhein-Main area right here on our website. When buying real estate, it is not just the head decides but also the intuition. This is why our complete attention is assured when you are eager to identify the right property for you.Providing this requires qualified and thorough consultation. And our way of consulting is based on a meticulous understanding of exacly what you the client are looking for, a comprehensive evaluation of the property locations desired and a clear appraisal of the property's future prospects.

What is the customer really looking for!

Based on intensive dialogue, our clients only receive property offers that truly match up to what they are in search of. When buying or selling a commercial property, many different factors play an important role. For example, location, profit and resale prospects combined with real estate and ground right values are the critical issues for most buyers. This is where BIZARD REAL ESTATE offers a prominent knowledge of the Frankfurt and Wiesbaden property market with our cost-free, highly substantiated market price evaluation aimed at achieving a timely and significant handling of the business at hand.