Apartment buildings

The primary expertise of BIZARD IMMOBILIEN lies in the marketing and sale of residential and office buildings, apartment blocks, together with other commercial properties throughout the whole Rhine-Main region and beyond. When it comes to investing capital, our potential buyers are focussing on commercial, residential and office buildings, residential complexes, individual apartments and logistics facilities. Established apartment buildings present our clients with further investment opportunities - in the private and institutional sector likewise. If you are looking to get a clear picture of whether a residential property is worth making an investment in or not, BIZARD IMMOBILIEN will provide you the BUYER with sound and sensible counsel in your overall evaluation and decision-making process. This is where you can rely on our vast experience and solid network of contacts.

Inheritances, wealth management and gift tax matters are usually the key reasons for investing in real estate. Decisive aspects with such investments include location, viability and, ultimately, return potential mapped over a protracted period of time. The square metre purchase price, plot value and sustainable, usable interior design prospects all play major roles when deciding on investments of this nature. Letting potential, location and optimal transport links are additional yet influential considerations when investing in an apartment building.

Also, when looking at Wilhelmina properties built around the turn of the 19th century, energy costs due to ceiling heights also play an important role. Where historical buildings are grouped together, thus representing a neighbourhood  that is seemingly worthy of architectural preservation, the entire ensemble should be viewed in terms of a listed building conservation affair. This applies to whole streets, squares or even town quarters. Any changes to facades and rooftops visible from the outside require approval from the relevant museums and heritage agencies. These are just a few of the further points our clients need to consider when they are in the market for an apartment block in a protected area.