About me

A fundamental belief at BIZARD IMMOBILIEN is to be equal to the individual wishes and differing needs of the client and to continuously provide competent counsel at all times. It is my mission to make the property market as well as the actual profession of real estate more transparent to the customer. Our uppermost challenge is to clearly understand the demands of ceaselessly changing living space requirements, as well as the properties themselves and to be capable of presenting and explaining these to clients. This is why BIZARD IMMOBILIEN channels all its efforts into providing each and every client with fit and proper solutions that match up to their own expectations, wishes and needs.

Through practical work and further education within the property business, I have been able to acquire a broad knowledge in the real estate sector. In 2015, I was admitted into the Frankfurt Real Estate Stock Exchange of the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), which also included my involvement in the creation of a report on the property market, carried out by the Frankfurt IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce).  The constant change in technical construction, building and legal regulations is my prime motivation to further train and educate myself in this field.

Together with a clear desire to achieve set goals, one of my major qualities is being able to focus on the realistic and attainable. Further characteristics that I bring to the table are perseverance, endurance and tireless effort when it comes to seeing a project run a successful course. Self-belief is an additional assurance that projects entrusted to me will be realized to fruition. In simple terms, I regard myself as a trustee of your assets.

Interpersonal relationships need to be in key. It is only then that the right mix between owner/seller and service provider exists to successfully market a property. I regard each and every requirement of my clients as my personal responsibility, which includes the procurement of property-related documents such land register, deed registration and the building authorities.

Each and every process of marketing and guiding a project is punctually and efficiently mapped out by me. Combined with hard work, the right timing and natural instinct, my commitment towards successfully marketing your real estate will be of the highest level at every time.